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Welcome to chestnut Meats

Do we sell Goat Meat? You must be kidding! It's what we do - we source, butcher and sell British Goat & Kid Goat meat. All our meat is freshly butchered on site to order and then sent out in temperature controlled boxes via overnight courier so you can be assured of door to door freshness. Our meat is real Goat (not Mutton)!

Animal welfare is at the top of our agenda, so we use a local, family run abbatoir and all our Goats are British with full traceability

We also sell other meats - all sourced locally and butchered to the same quality standard - why not browse our product range to see our selection.

If you are thinking of visiting the farmshop or collecting an order, please ring us before hand on 01829 260437


Delivery via overnight courier


Latest News

  • Adult Male Goat Meat, Hidden Treats & More
    Adult Male Goat Meat is the very best Goat product that we have to offer. Incredibly lean and full of flavour, it melts in your mouth - perfect for curries, tagines and all of your favourite recipes. Adult Male Goat is also our rarest product, only in stock once or twice a year and usually pre-ordered. For the first time in well over two years we have a limited amount available to order online! If you have previously enjoyed our Goat Diced ON the bone product, or considered purchasing but not quite been persuaded, this meat is even better. Leaner. Meatier. Tastier. Goatier.
  • Spicy Farmshop News & Hairy Curry Recipes...Oh wait...?
    Here at Chestnut Meats, a whole new adventure is about to begin - we want to make our products more accessible and open our facilities up for the local (and not so local) community to enjoy! We are proposing to expand our Butchery facilities on a new site in Cheshire including a small Farmshop & Cafe.

Featured Products

We focus exclusively on bringing you the best quality British reared meat butchered on site to your specifications.

From our hand made Goat Sausages and Goat Burgers to our freshly Diced Goat Meat everything at Chestnut Meats is made and packaged to exacting standards. As a small, family run business we know exactly what goes into our products - it's British, it's locally sourced and we use only the best quality meat. Our butchery is inspected by the Cheshire East County Council Environmental health team and we have been awarded 5/5 for our standards, so you can be assured of stringent quality standards from the moment we start processing your order to the moment it arrives on your doorstep in our temperature controlled boxes.

New to Goat Meat? Why not try our 3Kg Taster Box to get you started - it includes an informative recipe booklet to give you some helpful tips and ideas. Visit our recipes section for further inspiration. Check out our Gluten Free range or why not try something different like Venison or explore our Freezer Sale - whatever your preference quality is guaranteed.