How to Cook Goat

Goat is as versatile as beef and lamb and just as tasty, it is low in unsaturated fats, and perfect for a healthy lifestyle!

Goat burgers

• Should be grilled as they are healthy containing less than 2% fat
• Can be eaten medium-rare

Goat sausages

• A delicious alternative to pork sausages, with a gamier taste and should be grilled rather than fried

Diced goat

• On or off the bone is ideal for curries and casseroles
• Firstly it should be marinated to allow the meat to tenderise
• Oil should be heated in a pan and the goat pieces cooked until golden brown
• Due to the low fat content in goat it can lose moisture and toughen quickly therefore it is necessary to cook diced goat in stock for at least 3 to 4 hours
• The meat needs to be cooked slowly and at a low temperature of 180 degrees in order for it to become tender.

Goat fillet

• The most succulent cut from the goat
• Less fat and more taste than lamb
• Goat fillet should be pan fried only

Goat chops

• Can be marinated in garlic and olive oil before being pan fried, barbecued or oven cooked

Goat shanks

• Can be cooked in wine and tomatoes and covered then left to cook for 3 ½ hours so that the goat can tenderise
• Cook and braise like a lamb shank

Goat steak

• Taken from the leg of the goat which is tender
• It can be barbecued
• Or pan fried in olive oil and garlic

Kid goat leg / Kid goat shoulder

• Perfect for slow roasting with rosemary and thyme
• Needs to be braised rather than harsh roasted
• Cook in wine, stock and onions

Luxury fat free goat mince

• Makes the perfect chilli or bolognese
• Very low in fat and cholesterol

Neck of goat

• Perfect for stews