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01 Dec 14

Ofally Good Offer!

Offal Sale!...

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21 Nov 14

New Year 2015

Please order for Christmas delivery if you want a New year order...

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Gammon Joint 2 kg joint with cure options

Tasty gammon joint, cured using Chestnut Meats' secret recipe! £16.00 More Info

Pigs in blankets 1lb (454g)

Delicious for Christmas £4.95 More Info

Home cured Bacon 300g with options

Dry cured with no added water. Cured in salt and brown sugar and cure only. £3.15 More Info

Pork Chipolatas 454g

Special small Christmas pork sausages made from Cheshire pork. 454g size packs - simply delicious £4.25 More Info

Pork Sausagemeat 454g

Perfect for stuffing your Christmas poultry and all made from Cheshire pork using the finest ingredients. £4.25 More Info

Christmas Beef - Silverside per 2 kg (approx)

This makes a delicious roast to impress! £18.40 More Info

Christmas Beef - Sirloin Steak per 2 (approx) 400g approx

A juicy cut of melting sirloin with a thin cover of delicious fat. Be careful not to over cook it. £7.00 More Info

Christmas Beef - Rib-Eye Steaks per 500g (approx)

A boneless steak cut from the full flavoured fore rib. £8.50 More Info

Christmas Beef - Beef Mince per kg

Endlessly versatile, lean and high quality beef. £7.20 More Info

Christmas Fillet of Beef per kg

For those who like a thick, juicy piece of lean and tender beef. Excellent choice. £30.00 More Info

Home Cured Treacle Bacon - 300g

Delicious bacon cured in salt brown sugar and cure and finally in molasses for a sweeter flavour. £3.75 More Info

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