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22 May 15


Why not check out some of our great offers which are available online!!...

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13 May 15

**SALE** Rarebreed Spring Lamb Boxes

Half Lamb Box only £55! Butchered to your specification....

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Goat - Diced on The Bone- 20kg

On Sale - just £6.50/kg Sale Price: £130.00 £140.00 More Info

Goat Taster Box 3 Kg - Our Best Seller

Perfect if you have never tried goat before and want an adventure in the kitchen! £30.00 More Info

Goat Boneless Diced Shoulder 3x 1Kg

3 x1kg of diced boneless shoulder of adult goat. Sale Price: £33.00 £38.25 More Info

Kid Cut six ways

British kid cut six ways this contains 2 whole legs, 2 whole shoulder and two racks. £90.00 More Info

Kid Diced On The Bone Approx. 8kg to 9kg

Ideal for curries and casseroles. Kid diced on the bone. £100.00 More Info

Half Rarebreed Spring Lamb Box direct from the farm!

Half rarebreed spring lamb reared on the farm here, butchered to your specifications. Sale Price: £55.00 £70.00 More Info

Half grass fed Mutton Box

Half mutton box, butchered to your specifications, Grass fed. £65.00 More Info

Goat - Choose your Cuts - 8Kg

Various Cuts - you choose! £60.00 More Info

Cheshire pork box 10kg

Cheshire reared pork, cut into joints, fillet and chops, belly pork. £65.00 More Info

Cheshire Pork Box 5 kg

Mix of pork joints, belly pork, diced pork, sausages bacon a great selection and a great price!! £35.00 More Info

Goat - Diced On The Bone 8Kg

Ideal for curries and casseroles. 8kg goat diced on the bone. £60.00 More Info

Goat Shoulder diced on the bone 1 kg pack

Adult Goat Shoulder - diced on bone perfect for casseroles and curries £8.50 More Info

Suckling pig approx 8 to 10 kgs

Suckling pig whole with head on to roast £90.00 More Info

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