28 Day Aged Cheshire Beef

Chestnut Meats;The Goat Meat Specialists. Goat must be all we sell? WRONG.

At Chestnut Meats we believe in providing high quality meats of all species and breeds at affordable prices. In the past our focal point has been solely on Goat meat, however we want to inform you that if you ONLY buy Goat from us, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

We offer a fantastic range of locally sourced meats including Cheshire BeefCheshire PorkCheshire Lamb & Cheshire Mutton. We also seasonally stock Venison and Christmas Poultry.

Our Butchers Choice Cuts are as follows:

...plus so many more!

Autumn Freezer Sale

Check out our discount frozen product range this month and bag yourself a bargain.

Whole Kid Goat - Butchers Cuts (18.2Kg)

Whole Kid Goat - 6 way cut (18.6Kg)

Whole Kid Goat - 6 way cut (17.2Kg)

Cheshire Pork Chops

Diced Venison

Half Grass Fed Mutton Box

Incredible quality, tasty meats - perfect to stock up before the winter sets in!

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