Adult Male Goat Meat

Adult Male Goat Meat is the very best Goat product that we have to offer. Incredibly lean and full of flavour, it melts in your mouth - perfect for curries, tagines and all of your favourite recipes.

Adult Male Goat is also our rarest product, only in stock once or twice a year and usually pre-ordered. For the first time in well over two years we have a limited amount available to order online!

If you have previously enjoyed our Goat Diced ON the bone product, or considered purchasing but not quite been persuaded, this meat is even better. Leaner. Meatier. Tastier. Goatier.


Michel Roux features Goat Meat

A new Channel 4 series, Hidden Restaurants sees Michel Roux exploring the UK in search of the very best ‘hidden’ eateries, new food trends and ‘maverick’ chefs.

In Episode 1Kid Goat Meat was featured, roasted to create the most tender and incredible BBQ meal. (starts around 27:30 in the linked Episode)

Remember Kid is to Goat, what Lamb is to Mutton and the meat has a delicacy which means it tastes great cooked medium rare with such a flavoursome and tender character.

Buy a boned and rolled Kid Goat Shoulder, just as Michel tasted here

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