Enjoy the sunshine with a BBQ made easy

Invite all of your friends round to feast on barbeque brilliance. Build your own BBQ box today!

You know you want to...the only real question is where will you host it and who will you invite?

I for one have got my order in early and getting my parcel delivered  fresh to my favourite campsite to enjoy with close family and friends next week.

Remember we can deliver almost anywhere across the UK and from today we now provide a 2 hour delivery slot upon dispatch.

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Building your BBQ box


Create your own customized BBQ Box from a selection of the following, you can choose as many or as few as you like.

In this box you can only choose 1 from each section, if you would like a larger quantity, browse the rest of our BBQ section, or Ring us on 01829 260437 and we will be happy to help you find the perfect package.


Sausages 6 per pack (300g) - choose from:

Burgers 4 per pack (400g) - choose from:

Kebabs 3 per pack (300g)- choose from:

Ribs (1kg) - choose from:

Chops (1kg) - choose from:

Steaks (2 per pack) - choose from:

Extras - choose from: