BBQ season is nearly here

Spring Bank Holiday is upon us next Monday (30th May) as well as the school holidays, treat yourself and your family to some tasty BBQ treats.

Lean and tender Kid chops, a favourite of Jamie Oliver's, are amazing when marinated overnight and then barbequed.

2 for £5 on any flavour of pork/goat/beef/mutton/cheval sausages

Acceopt the challenge of our Burger Challenge Box, try 4 different burger types with your friends or family and let us know which you like the most!

Our newest product: Build Your Own BBQ Box - hand pick your own favourite BBQ treats to create your own customised BBQ Box!

Lots of other options to choose from in our BBQ Meats section as well as our Spring Freezer Sale section.

Goat Meat on the TV

Awareness of Goat Meat in Britain is rising with suppliers such as those mentioned on the Channel 4 program Food Unwrapped, pushing it in the UK market. You can find the Episode, which was screened on Tuesday evening, on catch up here.

Don't worry though, as much as other people can claim to be pioneering the push for Goat Meat in the UK, we know we started it first! You can still rely on Chestnut Meats to be the best quality as well as largest supplier of British Goat Meat in the UK.

Last Couple of Beef Boxes: 5 Week Aged

Move quickly, there are only a couple of our Limited Edition Beef Boxes remaining. Now aged for 5 weeks for the most delicious taste and texture.

1x Topside/Silverside Joint (1.2Kg approx)
1x Brisket Joint (1kg approx)
2x Sirloin steaks
1x Rib-eye steak
2x Fillet steaks
2x Rump steaks
2x Minute steaks
2x Braising beef (Steaked - 500g bags)
1x Stewing beef (Diced - 500g bags)
1x Mince Extra Lean (500g bags)
2x Mince Basic (500g bags)