Bank Holiday BBQ Bonanza

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The weather is set to be nice this weekend, with some forecasts predicting highs of 23°C in areas of the South East.

It seems like so long ago now, but last week's weather was much needed - having missed out on that particular sunny spell, I know that my friends and family will be taking full advantage of a glorious Bank Holiday weekend.

Why not organise a small gathering and show off your BBQ skills - we have the perfect products to make it a feast to remember!

Build Your Own BBQ Box

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Hand pick your favourite BBQ treats.

Choose from the following categories, and whatever meat you want:

2 packs of 300g Sausages (approx 12 sausages)
4 x 100g Burgers
3 x 100g Kebabs
1Kg Ribs
1Kg Chops
2 x Steaks
Extras (including black puddings and bacon)

Alternatively you can choose from the rest of our broad BBQ range, here.

28 Day Aged Cheshire Beef Joints

Planning a more sophisticated meal for family or friends this weekend?

Look no further than our fantastic Topside Joint of Beef. Choose the size that suits you and enjoy a treat for the whole family.

On sale this weekend for only £11.99/kg

MORE BBQ Favourites & Extras

premium steak burgers

400g Premium Beef Steak Burgers

lamb mint kebabs

400g Lamb & Mint Kofta Kebabs

beef brisket

Cheshire Beef Brisket

chicken wings

500g Chicken Wings

cheshire pork ribs

1Kg Pork Ribs

burger challenge box

Burger Challenge

bbq mop sauce

Meat Lust BBQ Mop Sauce 250ml

buffalo sauce

Meat Lust Buffalo Sauce 250ml

Chinese bbq sauce

Meat Lust Chinese BBQ Sauce 250ml