What makes a good Turkey? Chestnut Meats vs Supermarkets

This year we have expanded our poultry range to include large Christmas Chickens on top of the DucksTurkeys and Geese that we always offer.

At Christmas time as with the rest of the year, we at Chestnut Meats believe in only supplying the very highest quality meats from the most ethical sources.

What really makes a good Turkey?

  • A free roaming, happy, free range life. Our Free Range Turkeys live in open grass pastures in Shropshire, at night housed in spacious barns with plenty of fresh air, natural light and fresh straw bedding.
  • Proper food and no growth enhancers. Our Free Range Turkeys are fed on home-grown wheat and a corn ratio with no additives or growth promoter. Their slow growth means the the meat is as tender and tasty as possible.
  • Traditional dressing and game-style hanging. Our Free Range birds are well treated in as humane a fashion as possible, individually dry plucked and then hung for 7 to 10 days. This is the crucial stage of the process for the best tasting turkey - not all shops and supermarkets can offer this, but we can!
  • Presentation and Delivery. On delivery (or collection), each Turkey will be oven ready with vacuum packed giblets, presented in a convenient carry home box along with cooking instructions. If you opt for delivery your Turkey will be safely packaged with ice inside an insulated box, with delivery taking less than 24 hours.

We have conducted a price comparison alongside the larger supermarkets for the most regularly purchased Christmas product:

Free Range Bronze Turkey Traditionally Dressed

M&S Food: £15/Kg (Free Range Turkey, not traditionally dressed £10.05/Kg)

Asda: No equivalent product offered

Tesco: Free Range Bronze Turkey (not traditionally dressed) £7.00/Kg

Waitrose: £12.99/Kg (limited sizing options available)

Ocado: £10.99/Kg

Sainsbury's: Free Range Bronze Turkey (not traditionally dressed) £7.50/Kg

Morrisons: £10/Kg (limited sizing options available)

Aldi: Full details not yet available online - equivalent traditionally dressed product seems unlikely

Chestnut Meats: £9.15 per Kg. Dry plucked & hung for 7-10 days, Choose your own size, No queues, No hassle,  Full traceability and a fantastic taste. Click here.

Our Other Christmas Poultry options:

Free Range Goose

Barbury Duck

Barn Raised Cheshire Turkey

Barn Raised Cheshire Chicken

If Price can't persuade you, how about happy customers?

Customer testimonials for our Free Range Geese and Turkeys

"Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the goose I collected at Christmas, the last of which was only eaten yesterday. It was (as usual) the best ever."
Linda Johnson

"We had one of your free-range geese and would just like to say what a delight it was. We had two fine meals from the goose and will definitely be ordering another for next Christmas."
Mrs Lindsay Wilson

"Well Christmas is nearly over for another year. Just some feedback on the turkey .. it was FANTASTIC! And we’ll be back to see you again next year.”
Geoff, Pauline and James

"I would like to say a very big thank you for a wonderful Christmas Dinner we had this year! The bonze turkey we purchased from you was the best tasting we have ever had. Thanking you very much.”
Kerry Martin

"I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating you on the superb flavour and texture of the bird - it was without doubt the best turkey I have ever had. The cooking instructions also helped produce a matchless meal - thank you very much.”
Peter W Weston

A taste of whats to come....

Every day of our advent calendar we will be releasing a special offer at midnight. Advent offers will only last 24 hours, so you need to move fast!

A Christmas themed recipe suggestion will be provided with each product to help you visualise the tasty options you have available to you.

Be aware these daily exclusives can only be redeemed via orders through the website.

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