Dashain Festival - Key Dates

Dashain Day 1: Pratipada - Ghatasthapana (20th September)
Dashain Day 8: Saptami - Phulpati (27th September)
Dashain Day 9: Astami - Maha Ashtami (28th September)
Dashain Day 10: Nawami - Maha Navami (29th September)
Dashain Day 11: Dashami - Vijayadashami (30th September)
Dashain Day 15: Chaturdashi - Kojagrat Purnima (4th October)

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Tasty Dashain Deals

Kid Goat Diced ON the bone:

1Kg Premium Kid Goat Leg | 7Kg Half British Kid Goat Box | 15Kg Whole Kid Goat


Adult Goat Diced ON the bone:

1Kg Value Goat | 8Kg Party Pack | 20Kg Whole Adult Goat


Male Goat Diced ON the bone:

1Kg Butchers Choice Packet | 10Kg Billy Goat Best Buy


Spanish Goat Diced ON the bone:

1Kg Single Sample Bag | 8Kg Free Range Bargain Box | 20Kg Whole Spanish Goat


Choose the volume you want, preferred piece size & date of delivery at checkout.

Please make sure you order this week, before 4pm Friday 15th September to ensure you receive your order in time for the festival.