December 5th - Free Range Goosey Bonus

It's not quite a £1000 Brucie Bonus, but our Goosey Bonus is not something to be sniffed (or honked) at!

Order a Free Range Christmas Goose today through our website and receive a FREE packet of Streaky Bacon (250g).

All Christmas Poultry is available for collection OR delivery FRESH the week before Christmas, so you can enjoy our fantastic meats in the best condition possible.


Although the website is not quite sophisticated enough to automatically add the Streaky Bacon to your order, we will keep a manual tally to make sure you receive the Goosey Bonus you are entitled to.

Christmas 2017: Advent Offers

In the run up to Christmas 2017 a new advent offer will be released daily, Monday to Thursday, with a special extended offer also available over the weekends.

Check the blogfacebook pagetwitter feed or website for the deal of the day!