Food Festival and Markets Round-up

Dear All,

I would like to make a special shout out of thanks to those customers who have visited our stalls at our markets and festivals this year:

Nantwich Farmers Market

Rode Hall Farmers Market

Ludlow Spring Festival

Ludlow Food Festival

Abergavenny Food Festival

We have two very happy winners from our prize draw boxes this year (pictured below) and we hope to see more of you next year - we are very grateful for your continued support.

Keep an eye out for exclusive offers, for returning customers only, in the run up to Christmas 2016!

More than just Goat Meat Specialists

Remember we are more than just Goat Meatspecialists - we have a wide range of products from a wide range of meats including:







We also do our best to accommodate any other special requests you may have!

..All of that being said, in the spirit of #Goatober, it would be nice to see further support for this fantastic product.

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