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  • With everyone going crackers for our new hard Local Shropshire Goats Cheese we have decided to try and find a soft Goats Cheese option - available within the next 2 days!

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The Goat who arrived in the front of a Cortina

I bet you never thought you'd read that line! Taken from the Telegraph Newspaper, a short story under the title " Goats make Good Pets"

We were once given and huge Anglo Nubian goat called Worry. The previous owners had raised him as a house pet. He arrived in the front seat of a Ford Cortina. He had no idea of normal goat behaviour and used to play with out dogs and cats.

When our teenage daughters and friends were playing cricket in the top field, he proved adept at fielding at cover point. he once won a showjumping rosette too.

But he often escaped into the lane, causing major traffic hazard and he could never be left alone without human company. Not an ideal pet.