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The popularity of goat meat in the UK has been growing steadily for the last 12 years, at Chestnut Meats we'd like to think we've had a hand in helping that growth. Finally the UK media and restaurant trade are seeing the light! Why not suggest goat meat to your favourite local restaurant? 

Check out this weekend's features here:

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The Guardian - No kidding: Goat is the (ethical) new Lamb

The Daily Mail - Goat is a delicious and ethical option

The Daily Mail - Chefs embracing the trendy alternative to Lamb

BBC Radio 4 - Farming Today: Goats


Male Goat Diced ON the bone

Male Goat Meat is the very best Goat product that we have to offer. Incredibly lean and full of flavour, it melts in your mouth - perfect for curries, tagines and all of your favourite recipes.

If you have previously enjoyed our Goat Diced ON the bone product, or considered purchasing but not quite been persuaded, this meat is even better. Leaner. Meatier. Tastier. Goatier.

Male Goat is our rarest product, but it's well worth the wait! If you have any questions or would like to pre-order please call on 01270 524750

Prime Meat Goat

Take a second to picture Hovis Best of Both, or Kingsmill 50/50 - both well designed compromises of two very different types of bread, although neither are quite as tasty as White, or quite as good for you as Wholemeal, it's still a good compromise.

Now, completely shatter that mental picture as Prime Meat Goat is NOT just a compromise. It is the finest balance of Goat that we can source, fresh, and just for you. A perfect combination, blending the flavour of Adult Goat meat with the more tender, lean and delicate side of Kid Goat, no compromises.

100% British, 100% Traceable