We don't just sell Goat!

At Chestnut Meats we specialise in Goat Meat, both adult and kid goat and we love introducing our customers to something new - that's why we always try and steer customers towards ourTaster Box's.

Sometimes however, the best things are the things we already know we love (especially during half term week when you've got to feed the little monsters too!)...

Cheshire Beef & Pork

Reared in rural Cheshire, all our Beef and Pork products are the very finest cuts and all competitively priced.

On offer this week we have some unbelievably lean Beef mince, perfect for making family meals such as the chilli con carne pictured above.

Our freezer stock of Beef Steaks is shifting fast so grab yourselves a bargain this week before they all disappear.

Pork is often a family favourite, chopsgammons, or tasty pork joints, we can sort you out.

Why not grab 2 packets of our dry cured bacon or treacle bacon for only £5! Ideal for lunchtime bacon sandwiches.

Beef Burgers and Pork Sausages go down a treat at half term, so quick and easy to cook even if you have some of their friends round too.

Incredible Venison

We've started delving a little more into Venison and we've come up trumps with some fantastic mince, so lean and tasty you'll want some every week!

Venison Fillet (pictured below) is now available on special request - there's nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal for two, Valentine's treats are better late than never!

Lamb, Mutton & Hoggit fresh from the farm

With spring fast approaching we're going to have a fresh stock of spring lamb boxes, however we have some gorgeous hoggit available - leg joints​​, shoulderschops and more. This is as well as tender mature mutton, casseroles have never been better than melt-in-the-mouth Mutton.


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