Starting 2016 eating healthy? We can help!

Goat Meat is particularly low in calories - lower than beef, porklamb or even chicken. Since it is a very lean meat it is often chosen by healthy eating fanatics as an excellent dietary substitution for other meats. It is also high in potassium and has twice as much iron as beef.

We now have a tasty Healthy Eating Pack to keep you on the straight and narrow in 2016.

Don't think that lower calories means less taste, goat is delicious and we can even provide you with some excellent recipes to get you started!

Kid Goat is even leaner than Adult Goat, our Kid Goat roasting joints are a tasty but also healthy way to feed the family.

Goat in the UK; An acquired taste

Goat is so widely eaten across the world and yet here in the UK it is such a tiny percentage of our diet - it is barely on the radar. At Chestnut Meats we have a range of options to find the right taste for you;

Premium Goat Starter Pack - Includes a roasting joint, chops and mince. 

Kid Goat Taster Box - Includes a roasting joint, chops and mince.

Adult Goat Taster Box - Includes a selection of Diced, Steaks, Burgers, Sausages, Mince and Chops.

All of our starter and taster boxes come with a recipe leaflet and a discount card for any future orders.

January Sale

In case you missed the mailshot last week, here is another reminder of the fabulous deals we currently have on our website.

Please remember that the sale is only on while stocks last and that most items in the sale are frozen - feel free to ring with any questions.


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