Easter Orders: Kid Goat Back in Stock

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Last Call For Easter Orders!

Deadline: Wednesday 28th March 11am

I am often asked, how are we able to offer Goat meat at such competitive prices - the indication being what is wrong with our Goat compared to other companies who sell it?!

Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our Goat meat, we provide only the best quality meats and deliver it in the best condition possible right to your door.

Here are the 3 main reasons why our meats are affordable as well as tasty!

1. We're Goat Veterans: We have been processing and butchering Goat to exacting standards far longer than our competitors. Our artisan butcher's know just how to extract every flavourful ounce of goaty goodness from each cut, following the delicate seams and natural guides to make sure every slice is nice.

2. Local. Tender. Tasty: Everything we sell is British, inspected and collected by Tim (the big boss), with the exception of course of our Spanish Goat products. We firmly believe in supporting the British farming industry and a fair price for every supplier. You may note our meats are not at a supermarket price point - however I can assure you there is noticeable benefit in terms of taste and texture. Would you really expect 100% traceable Cheshire Pork, Beef & Lamb to be available for a threepenny bit?

3. Pride & Passion: We take pride and care in our work, to ensure we only ever send out a joint exactly as we'd like to receive it, we only ever package diced meats that are a size and quality that we ourselves would choose to cook. Every customer is of the utmost importance and every order is checked at least three times during it's stages of processing.

You can choose to have your meats delivered directly to your door, or come and collect your meats on Good Friday or Saturday 31st March from our award-winning Butcher's Shop & Café.


Adult Goat Diced OFF the bone

Our adult goat is all reared through the British goat dairy industry supporting sustainable farming. Although commonly referred to as Mutton in Indian culture our Goat meat is GOAT in species and GOAT in flavour - best for curries and slow cooking.

Prime Meat Goat

Prime Meat Goat 10kg - Choose Your Cuts

Our Prime Goat meat is all British reared, fully traceable and cut on site to your specifications. Prime Goat meat is a fantastic balance between the older adult goat meat and youngest kid goat meat - bred specifically for great meat yield and fabulous taste.


Pet Food: Don't forget your most loyal family members!

We offer a small range of tasty products for your pets - from marrow bones, to boneless trim and even some offally tasty treats!

Pet Food

All of our Kid Goat and Prime Meat Goat products are now back in stock, order today to guarantee we can set what you want aside for you.

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