Love At First Taste: Brand New Products Inside

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In the run up to BBQ season, we have been experimenting with new and interesting flavours of Burgers, Sausages and Kebabs. This week's feature focuses on tasty bangers, ready for casseroles, bangers and mash or even a BBQ if the weather holds!

Our Butcher's choice are the Hog Roast sausages - the awesome taste of stuffing and apple sauce really comes through, combined with our already  flavoursome Cheshire Pork.


*NEW* Pork Sausages

Choose from the following flavours;

Hog Roast Pork

Traditional Pork

Spicey Cumberland Pork

Caramelised Onion Pork

Welsh Dragon Pork

Why not go for a lucky dip?

*NEW* Goat Sausages

Choose from the following flavours;

Herby Goat

Traditional Goat

Spicey Cumberland Goat

Toulouse Goat

Why not go for a lucky dip?

Gluten Free Options

Choose from the following types of gluten free sausages and burgers;

Gluten Free Goat Sausages

Gluten Free Pork Sausages

Gluten Free Cajun Goat Burgers


Build Your Own BBQ Box

Seven days without a BBQ makes one weak....

Hand pick your favourite BBQ treats.

Choose from the following categories, and whatever meat you want:

2 packs of 300g Sausages (approx 12 sausages)
4 x 100g Burgers
3 x 100g Kebabs
1Kg Ribs
1Kg Chops
2 x Steaks
Extras (including black puddings and bacon)

Alternatively you can choose from the rest of our broad BBQ range, here.