Chestnut Meats: Local, Tender, Tasty

All of the team at Chestnut Meats would like to thank you for your returning custom and for those of you who have been tempted to order but haven't tried our products yet, here is a run down of everything we do and why you should choose us over anyone else.

  • Every week we have local fresh meats on site, butchered to your specifications. We can do almost anything you might want, simply give us a ring on 01829 260437 or email us at and we will do everything we can.


  • Between 8.30am and 5pm there is always a friendly member of staff available to help you place an order, chase up your order status or help advise you on how best to cook and prepare our meats. (You can also just ring for a natter about the many benefits of Goat meat, we love to spread the word, it's about time Britain learnt to appreciate it!)


  • Chestnut Meats prides itself on only ever dispatching the best quality products we can - it's all local, it's all British, it's all got full traceability. Our team take the greatest pride in everything we do; from stock management, to the butchery, processing and all the way through to the way we neatly pack your parcels.


  • With Chestnut Meats you can place an order at 9am and have it processed, packed and on the courier's van by 10am that morning*. The very same courier will then be on a 24 hour mission on it's way to your door to keep that meat as fresh and tasty as possible. Having said that, we're not quite Amazon just yet - please bear in mind that for the moment all of our workers are only human and we do our very best to ship everything as soon as physically possible. If an order is delayed it is more than likely because we will only ever send you the very best and nothing less.

*This is dependent on stock levels and the time of order being placed. Please ring 01829 260437 or notify us via if you have special delivery requirements or time frames.

Our Products; Only the best of British

We are the British Goat meat specialists, no one does Goat like we do, we have an extensive range of products to meet everyone's requirements - WE DON'T JUST SELL GOAT:

Adult Goat (Adult Goat meat is best for curries and and casseroles - either ON or OFF the bone!)

Prime Goat (Prime Goat meat is the very best for roasting joints!)

Kid Goat (Kid Goat meat is excellent for everything - Joints, Casseroles (Diced OFF), Curries (Diced ON), Chops, is the very best and well worth trying!)


People love to ring us up and ask whether we sell Goat meat, and double check that it is real goat, which of course we do and of course it is. But we stock much more than just Goat meat - our original slogan "Local, Tender, Tasty" still applies. It's a shame people overlook our other tasty Cheshire reared produce, you won't be disappointed:






Other British (and Welsh/Scottish) Meats that we sell:

Cheval (Horse)


BBQ Meats

Pet Food & Offal

Don't forget...

Our Limited time offer on FREE DELIVERY foronline orders over £100 is still active. Use the discount code szp100 at checkout.

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