National Curry Week: 10th - 16th October

10th -16th October is National Curry Week - what better time to try the tastiest type of curry,Goat curry!

We offer products to suite everyone's cooking requirements. We can provide ON the bone products, OFF the bone products as well as size and quantity options.

Goat Diced ON the bone, 1Kg

Goat Diced OFF the bone, 1Kg

Kid Goat Diced ON the bone,1Kg

Mutton Diced OFF the bone, 1Kg

Lamb Diced ON the bone, 1Kg


Remember we always offer multi-buy savings and freezer sale stock!

10Kgs Diced ON the bone

5Kgs Diced OFF the bone

2Kgs Mutton Diced ON the bone


Thank you to everyone getting involved with #Goatober.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a new caribbean restaurant in Rhyll, North Wales yesterday evening for a meal with the Mayor!

The event was great fun, enjoyed by all.... However one thing stood out for me, and I know you think I might be slightly biased here, but the Goat Curry was the best curry I have ever tasted - sorry Mum!

Please, if you are ever in the area go and check out the fantastic work Mr Eugene Adams is doing at Chicken & Beer!

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