Post Easter Clearance. Mega Deals!

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Post Easter Offers

Butcher's Choice Offers

Following the Easter period we have some lovely products on special offer and a mouth watering recipe suggestion to tempt you too.

Don't forget you can get FREE DELIVERY on any order over £70 in value.

This weeks offers:

5 x 1Kg Goat Diced OFF the bone save £10

20 x 1Kg Whole Goat Diced ON the bone save £25

8 x 1Kg Spanish Goat Diced OFF the bone save £12

10 x 1Kg Male Goat Diced ON the bone save £10

punjabi suaces


goat diced off

500g Goat Diced OFF the bone

kid goat diced on

1Kg Kid Goat Diced ON the bone

goat leg diced on

1Kg British Goat Leg Diced ON the bone

mutton diced on

1Kg Mutton Diced ON the bone

garlic chicken kiev

500g Garlic Chicken Kiev

half lamb box

Cheshire Half Lamb Box

sirloin steak

500g Cheshire Beef Sirloin Steak

pork tenderloin

300g Pork Fillet (Tenderloin)

rump steak

500g Cheshire Beef Rump Steak


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