Online Ordering Made Easy

At Chestnut Meats We are building up to Christmas and we Know that our customers are always on the lookout for fantastic meats at affordable prices.

You're in luck this week - we have been Scanningour freezers and for This week only, all of the products in this Email are on clearance To make room and Save space for our delicious Christmas Time offerings.

Just take a moment to browse our sale section, why not Choose a joint or Something that you've never tried before - we guarantee it's all Delicious. Christmas Poultry And extras are live online, ready to order from the comfort of your home and Enjoy receiving It all delivered free of charge in time For Christmas. Relax with a cup of Tea - more offers will be added Next Week!


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Pre-Christmas Bargain Hunting

Joints / Centrepieces
Nothing beats a proper Rib of Beef as a Christmas centrepiece, but if you fancy a change from tradition why not go for an alternative joint?

Sausagemeats / Christmas Buffet Extras
It's always at the last second that you realise you haven't got those all important tasty buffet bites, or the sausagemeat that the children love so much!

Boxing Day / New Years Day
Christmas seems to get all of the attention and then suddenly you remember that you have family arriving for a Boxing Day feast, or you've inadvertently offered to host New Years Lunch without thinking anyone would accept the invitation....don't worry, take a look at some fabulous cuts that could save the day!

Winter Meal Ideas
Traditional butchers cuts, mince and more don't have to command a premium price - you just need to know where to look....