Who would eat a Goat burger?

Season 13 of The Apprentice began last Wednesday evening, task 1 focused on making and selling burgers.

As you might imagine, the candidates list featured a spectacular array of "the nation's leading entrepreneurs and business people" ...which worries me greatly for our future, but surely they can handle pressing some minced meat and breadcrumbs into a disc shape?

The candidates had to choose a USP, with the boys' team choosing the "Healthy" burger and the girls' team opting for "Luxury". Check it out on BBC iPlayer.

Well Ladies and Gentleman, both teams snubbed the ideal product - Luxury Goat Burgers. We were particularly offended here at Chestnut Meats when an unnamed numpty from the boys team posed the question; "Who would eat a Goat Burger?!".

Someone who wants to win the task, that's who!

Who WOULDN'T Eat a Goat Burger?!

Burgers are not complicated to make:

  • Take beautiful diced meat
  • Mince it
  • Before adding water, knead in the dry flavouring and binding mix
  • Mix well until a firm but slightly tacky texture
  • Press into 100g burgers, at an approximate rate of 6 burgers per minute  (so those boys should have made over 2,000 burgers EACH in 6 hours - whoops!)
  • Package, label and sell


Our Luxury Handmade Goat Burgers have the added benefit of an incredible taste to compliment their healthy attributes. Visibly leaner, lower in cholesterol and saturated fats than nearly every other red meat, there really is no reason not to eat a Goat Burger.

As our Butcher Steph says - "They're just bloody awesome!"