2017 Food Trend: Goat Meat

Appearing in the first episode of the ITV program "Save Money: Good Health" Goat Meat has been stated as becoming the food trend of 2017.

This time last year Jamie Oliver was kidding around as we were introducing 2016 as the year that would see Goat Meat boom in the UK food industry.

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast show on 1st Jan 16 highlighted Goat as becoming the new trend for UK "foodies". Since then Kid Goat has feautured on Saturday Kitchen and other popular cookery shows with Kid Goat Chops getting the majority of the attention.

Throughout 2016 we saw a significant growing trend and awareness - this awareness supported by our very first #Goatober campaign, raising the profile of the sustainability of the Goat Meat industry.

For customers who have not yet tried Goat Meat, our selection of taster boxes are ideal to introduce you to the subtle but delicious taste of this healthy red meat.

All of our taster boxes include a selection of cuts for you to try your hand at in the kitchen - a recipe leaflet and discount card is included to help with some ideas and future orders.

January Freezer Sale

In the spirit of New Year savings we are once again lowering prices across our January Freezer Sale section.

Tuesday 10th January will be the official launch of all of the new products being introduced to this years Freezer Sale so watch out from 9am as prices crash. Be aware all products only have very limited stock but will be shipped almost immediately.

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