Valentine's Day 2016

With Valentine's Day being on a Sunday this year, its the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and your loved one to breakfast in bed, followed by that romantic walk and light picnic (that you've already planned) rounding off with a candle-lit dinner for two.

Chesnut Meats have got you covered for the whole day!

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Valentine's Day, with Love from Chestnut Meats

Guilty Brunch in Bed

Our deliciously different Treacle Bacon goes so well in a sandwich, bagel or breakfast bap - the ultimate guilty pleasure on a Sunday morning in bed.

Or if you're feeling adventurous why not go the whole hog (ha ha) and cook up a full english with some of our home-cured bacon and handmadeherby mutton sausages.


Kid Goat Steaks with a Mediterranean cous cous.

Two course romantic meal for two - wine and candles are not essential, but recommended.. (Pictured above)

Serves 2

kid goat steaks
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
2 garlic cloves, crushed
Leaves from 1 sprig rosemary, chopped
Glug of olive oil
300ml lamb stock
1 glass white wine
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

For the cous cous:

200g cous cous
100ml boiling water
1 tbsp olive oil
Half red pepper, deseeded and diced
Half yellow/orange pepper, deseeded and diced
1 tbsp mint leaves, chopped
50g feta cheese, cubed

1. Put the steaks, lemon, garlic, rosemary and olive oil in a freezer bag and massage the meat so that the flavours infuse it. Put in the fridge to marinate overnight.

2. For the quick-cook version (if this floats your boat), heat a large frying pan. Remove thesteaks from the freezer bag and shake off the excess marinade. Cook the steaks for approx. 5 mins each side. Remove and leave to rest for 2-3 mins before carving into thick slices.

3. For the slow cooked version (my recommendation), sear the steaks on both sides in a hot frying pan. Transfer to a slow cooker with the stock and wine and cook on LOW for 3-4 hours, until the meat is fall-apart tender.

4. To make the cous cous. Put the cous cous in a bowl, then add the boiling water and stir through. Leave to stand for 5 mins. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and cook the peppers for 4-5 mins until tender. Fluff up the cous cous with a fork and stir through the peppers and cheese.

5. Slice the kid goat into thick strips and serve with the cous cous, green salad, and gravy made from the stock and meat juices.


Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae:

(Pictured below)

175 ml double cream

100 grams milk chocolate (chopped)
100 grams smooth peanut butter (skippy for preference)
3 tablespoons golden syrup
4 scoops toffee ice cream (or caramel ice cream)
4 scoops chocolate ice cream
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
4 tablespoons salted peanuts (roughly chopped or left whole to taste)

1. Put all the cream, chopped chocolate, peanut butter and golden syrup into a saucepan and place on the heat to melt, stirring occasionally. In about 2 minutes you should have your sauce ready.

2. Get out four sundae glasses and put a scoop of toffee or caramel ice cream in each, followed by one of chocolate and then another of vanilla.

3. Pour some chocolate peanut butter fudge sauce over each sundae and sprinkle with the salted peanuts. They are now ready to serve.