We've got something to tell you...

In stock currently is some of the nicest Kid Goat meat that we have ever had. Incredibly lean and beautifully tender it is the perfect product for anyone that wants to try Goat Meat, or those of you who already love it!

We have some tasty introductory products....

Half British Kid Goat

Kid Goat Taster Box

As well as bargain specials for Curry, Casserole and BBQ dishes...

Kid Goat Diced ON the bone

Kid Goat Chops

Kid Goat French Trimmed Cutlets


Cheshire 4 week aged Beef

Order our incredible 4 week aged British Beef cuts today for the ultimate BBQ or Sunday Roast experience.

Cheshire Rib of Beef

Cheshire Sirloin Steak

Cheshire Beef Brisket

Cheshire Extra Lean Beef Mince