Tasty Taster Boxes

We offer a great range of 3-9Kg boxes with a variety of cuts, joints and tasty treats to introduce our customers to new meats or better yet a new cut of their favourite meats.

If you're feeling really adventurous, why not go for our 3Kg Mixed Meat Taster Box.

Alternative Meats

We offer a range of alternative meats including Goat, Venison and Cheval, why not dive in to a taster box and see what you think!

9Kg Ultimate Goat Taster Box

3Kg Goat Taster Box

3Kg Prime Meat Goat Taster Box

3Kg Kid Goat Taster Box

3Kg Cheval Taster Box

Local Familiar Favourites

Want to try some new cuts of your family favourite meats? Well now you can, check them out below!

3Kg Cheshire Mutton Taster Box

5Kg Cheshire Pork Taster Box

3Kg Cheshire Beef Taster Box

3Kg Cheshire Lamb Taster Box

Bargain Boxes

Some of our taster boxes are available in the Summer Freezer Sale incredible tasting meats at even more incredible prices:

*Freezer Sale* Deluxe 5Kg Lamb Taster Box

*Freezer Sale* Kid Goat Taster Box 4.7Kg

*Freezer Sale* Kid Goat Taster Box 5.1Kg

*Freezer Sale* 5kg Deluxe Mutton Taster Box