Kid Goat Meat

Our Kid Goat meat is all British reared. Kid Goat is the premium Goat meat product, it is the youngest and leanest that we can offer. Younger than 12 months, these billy kids are by-products of the dairy industry, supporting sustainable British farming, helping to reduce waste and increase animal welfare.

British Kid Goat meat is excellent for everything - Joints, Casseroles (Diced OFF), Curries (Diced ON), Chops, is the very best and well worth trying!


7kg kid on kid leg offer Kid Lollipop chops

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  1. Half British Kid 7Kg - Choose Your Cuts
  2. Neck of Kid Goat 500g
    Neck of kid goat, 500g, perfect for stews! Learn More
  3. Whole British Kid 15Kg - Choose Your Cuts
  4. Kid Goat Lollipop Chops - French Trimmed 400g
    500g of kid goat lollipop chops french trimmed Learn More
  5. Premium Kid Goat Fillet (200g)
    Premium extra-tender kid goat fillet, approx 200g each Learn More
  6. Boned & Rolled Kid Goat Leg 1.2Kg
    Kid Goat Leg, tunnel boned and rolled, approx 1.2kg Learn More
  7. French trimmed Kid cutlet
    Kid cutlets french trimmed Learn More
  8. Kid Goat Gigot Chops (Leg Steak with bone) 400g

    Our delicious goat steak won Best Speciality Meat in the North West!
    Why not try our Kid Goat steak too? 2 per pack. Taken from the leg, with the bone included and is tender and delicious, or pan fry the goat steak in olive oil and garlic.

    Do NOT grill... alternative meats need gentle cooking! 

    Learn More
  9. *Freezer Sale* Half British Kid Goat 7Kg

    Regular Price: £86.99

    Special Price £78.29

    Half British Kid Goat Learn More
  10. Kid Goat Diced On The Bone 7Kg
    Ideal for curries and casseroles... British Kid goat diced on the bone. Learn More
  11. Whole British Kid - Diced ON The Bone 15Kg
    Ideal for curries and casseroles... Whole Kid diced on the bone. Learn More
  12. Kid Goat Chops
    Delicious, deluxe kid goat chops Learn More
  13. ***Kid Goat Leg Diced ON the Bone 1Kg
    Diced on the bone, perfect for making curries, stews and casseroles! 1kg Learn More
  14. Kid Goat Diced OFF The Bone 500g
    Very tender, diced shoulder of Kid goat off the bone. Learn More
  15. Kid Goat Diced ON the Bone 1kg
  16. Kid mince
    Kid mince 1kg Learn More
  17. Kid Goat Shoulder 2Kg
    Delicious roasted low and slow for the whole family to enjoy. Shoulder joint - not diced on the bone. Learn More
  18. Kid Goat Leg

    Whole kid leg, approx 2Kg. Perfect for roasting.

    Learn More

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18 Item(s)